Tron glow material on BSP box not working

Hi guys

I’m new to Unreal engine 4 and i watched this video Tron Glow tutorial - Unreal 4 - YouTube for Tron glowing material. I very like the tutorial butt i have a problem. If I apply the material on a cube it’s ok like this

but when i apply the material on BSP Box it looks like this


Thanks, LemonInGintonic

I’m not sure why that is, I haven’t had time to look at the material, but you can convert the BSP to a static mesh which should resolve the issue.

Hello LemonInGintonic,

I followed the tutorial and I was successful in creating it. I then tried to add this to a BSP. The entire Cube BSP I created was glowing instead of the calculations on the edges. I then converted that BSP to a static mesh and got the same results.

BSP’s use a hierarchy system that allows for the individual faces to act independently. This allows for editing and manipulation through that face’s surface properties. You will notice that if you go to the BSP’s details panel there isn’t a way to add your material. You can add the material to that individual face.

The reason for your material not working is there are no UV’s for the BSP as a whole. Even after you convert to a Static mesh that new mesh is inheriting the UV’s from the BSP, and there are none to inherit. You would then have to take the box out of UE4 and unwrap it and reimport.

This works perfectly fine with the Cube from the Basics tab in your Modes window. If you only need simple shapes such as these I recommend using the Cube or Sphere etc.

thank, got it