Trojan Virus detected in UE4.22

When doing a virus scan today the following Trojan was discovered in UE4.22: Win64/Longage - see screenshot. 120919_virus.jpg

It’s a false positive. That’s part of the Oculus SDK.

Also note. that .so files are never win64 compatible, cannot be run on windows systems. Identifying a code fragment in an otherwise incompatible binary proves the analysis software producing you invalid results.You may wish to adjust the heuristic level that conforms reasonable precautions only.

The armeabi folder contains android binaries, they are linux based binaries for example.

I just got the same Windows Defender warning when checking out UE4 source from github today, and I also got this message in the git output:

I submitted a bug report to Epic. Hopefully they will either fix the problem or work with Microsoft to update the Windows Defender definitions if it is indeed a false positive.