Triggers no longer working on level

Hey guys,

for whatever reason, none of my triggers are working in my level blueprint anymore! I’m not sure if i clicked the wrong thing or what. I took a quick video of the problem.

Anyone ever have this happen?

I figured it out. I realized that I wasn’t getting an Event Tick at all, and that none of the stuff in my level was working properly. I found this post: Character Blueprint not firing events - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums
which led to more tests to confirm that yeah, something key was being destroyed and i was getting no indications.

In my blueprint, i was trying to destroy the broken pieces of a destructable mesh, but the “destroy actor” was reffering to “self” which - in the level blueprint, maybe was the level? I dont know, i thought I had drug everything out right, but when i deleted this node, everything went back to normal.

I hope this explanation helps people going through similar issues!

I just had this issue due to the Tick() method being overridden in C++.