Triggers for Dinos

So while trying to create a trigger box for detecting dinosaurs, I noticed that all the dinos have the Enable Overlap Events check box for their capsule’s collision unchecked. While the human players have theirs checked. The result is that the dinos will not set off the OnActorBeginOverlap and OnActorEndOverlap events from trigger volumes. Is there a good reason for these to be unchecked? My mod needs them to be checked so my event graphs work, but I don’t know if there will be any unforeseen consequences from doing so.

Is there an easier method for detecting if a dino is near an object and kicking off an event?

You can still detect the dino, but it will only detect the dino’s feet, since they are tracking collision. This is why dino’s can stick their heads and part of their bodies through walls, but not their whole body.

I guess I must have put my trigger box a little too high off the ground that it wasn’t picking up the feet. That would also explain why bear traps can get away with smaller trigger spheres, and why IED and other wire traps are so low to the ground. Good to know.

I would suggest enabling overlap events on the capsule, that is the normal way to do it as far as I know. Typically you want avoid any mesh collisions as they’re very expensive.