Triggers Firing Randomly?!!!

My map has around around 100 triggers all controlled by the level BP.

However when I try and test specific parts of the game, some triggers seem to fire for absolutely no reason at all, they’re not even in a position to get player collision.

The overall logic is basically When trigger A is selected move trigger B into position and move trigger A out of position.

Each of the triggers has a once only node attached.

What am I doing wrong, I’m tearing my hair out atm trying to figure this out.

Here’s a snippet of the LevelBP (the complete level BP is too big to take a photo of) I’m using to control the triggers, this is repeated throughout the level bp:

It’s hard to say but a few things that come to mind you could try:

  1. Cast from begin overlap node to your character (or whatever you want the overlap to notice). I’d do this regardless personally even if it’s not the cause of the problem.

  2. Set up a branch from overlapping actor. Pull “overlapping actor” to equal the overlapping actor that is important. So it only triggers when the overlap actor equals the actor you want it to overlap with. You can also break the object into a string and compare strings if that is more convenient.

  3. If the overlaps are now being triggered what appears to be random but they weren’t in the past, you might want to check if you didn’t add a component to one of your actors/objects that makes their “overlap” collision a lot bigger. Like a hidden mesh, collision or sphere or something that is real big in the blueprint but hidden from game.

Thanks for that its solved my prob!