Triggering particle effects in matinee

Greeting UE4 community,

I’ve working with some particle effects lately, (cascade is BRILLIANT btw), but in the cutscene i’m working on at the moment, i want to set some of the particle effects to run at a particular time.

I’ve been digging through the community hub for a while trying to find a solution, but everything is very confusing.

I’ve tried some of the methods suggested to trigger evens when the player/actor overlaps a trigger volume, but to no avail :confused:

Have i missed somthing startlingly obvious?

TLDR: I’m trying o make particle systems appear at a set time in a cutscene.

(Sorry if this is a double post)

In my never ending quest to trigger particle effects at a specific point in matinee, i have a horrendous hack job.

It works for the time being, but any help/suggestions would still be greatly appreciated.

Drop the emitter in the world, then with matinee open add a new particle track to Matinee. Assign that emitter to that track and now you should be able to toggle it on and off or just trigger it once right in matinee. Hope this helps!

Thankyou very much!

The particles in question are part of a blueprint for an actor in the scene, can the same method be applied here?

I also have condensed the fustercluck of nodes for toggling/blinking the particle systems, into a nicer module which can be poked from outside the blueprint.

Fustercluck lolol. You can always use an Event Track in the Matinee actor to fire off custom timed events in the level BP via a Matinee Controller, called by selecting the Matinee actor in the editor and right clicking in the level BP. It can then fire into a custom event in your BP with a simple cast, previously saved class instance variable from a casting, or a level reference variable.

Thankyou for another good response!

I’m now using a combination of both these solutions (>_<), but its working!

Custom events are still a bit of a mystery to me, I’m mainly an asset/environment artist, but i’m the only one available to work on our project atm, so the announcement trailer is up to me!

Thanks again!