Triggering OnComponentBeginOverlap for Characters that are Standing Still

Hey Everyone,

Is there a way to trigger OnComponentBeginOverlap for characters that are not moving? I’ve stuck a simple sphere component on my player character and it triggers the overlap event for any pawns that are moving when it hits them but it’s not doing it for any characters that are standing still.

It should trigger by default, whether the characters are moving or not.

Did you find a solution for this? I have a collision box attached to my camera boom and OnComponentBeginOverlap OnComponentEndOverlap for that box only register when I move the thirdpersoncharacter. If i stand still and move the camera(the camera boom) the events register nothing! using 4.26

(I use the nudge nudge move character by 0.0001 as a hack solution at the moment)

Provide a short video of the interaction.