Triggering multiple events with a single trigger volume?

I’m building a level in which the player character steps into a trigger volume, prompting a formerly motionless AI NPC to start walking around:

OnActorBeginOverlap(trigger volume)–>AIMoveTo (in which the pawn is the NPC, destination is a target point placed elsewhere on the map).

It works well and fine with a single NPC, but is there a way to activate multiple NPC’s upon entering a single trigger volume? Obviously I can just set up multiple trigger volumes, one for each NPC that I’d like to activate, and just place all the trigger volumes in the same spot so that they’re activated simultaneously, but that just seems so crude. I’m entirely new to UE4 and blueprints, but I fail to believe there’s not a more elegant solution.

(If you have it in your heart to offer up a solution, please be gentle. I’m not too up on all the terminology and know next-to-nothing about what I’m doing, haha.)