Triggering an item change based on the animation.

Hey everyone! I am new to Unreal Engine and I have been following some tutorials to try and get to grips with the way the engine works. I have recently started my own project and I seem to have hit a brick wall.

Here’s the issue: I have the animation starter pack (the free one that a lot of the tutorials use) and I have been playing around with it trying to create a character that can pick weapons, equip them, aim and shoot. They all work perfectly fine and, as far as the functionalities go, I have everything working perfectly. When I press the button that triggers my weapon change, however, I play an animation where the character reaches around his back and then comes back to the rifle_hip position but the weapon switches from the socket on the back to the socket on the hand instantly.

I have been trying to find a solution online for a little while now but the only thing that seems to come close is the AnimNotify but I cant seem to make it work! Am I doing this wrong? I selected the animation I am working with, found the exact frame I want the notify to kick in, created a new notify and called it on my AnimBP casting it to my weapon and triggering the socket change. The node it creates for the anim notify, however, doesn’t seem to ever become active. Even when I have the animation on loop repeatedly.

Is this the correct functionality to use? If not how can I get a reference to the time remaining in an animation but from a different blueprint? If so what am I doing wrong?

TLDR: I need a certain action to only occur when my animation reaches a certain point!

Here inside the red area is where I imagine I would put the check for the correct time of the animation and only then trigger this change. Is that right?

Thanks in advance for any help =)