triggering an event?


For the life of me i cannot trigger this event. Been reading… but its all still very strange to me.
I need to trigger the event so that the variable can be set

The end goal is to play a rolling animation for the character.
If you can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated

adding a “sequence” after the cast?

uhm… when do you want it to be triggered?

Bind a key to it? so when you press “R”, the character rolls… that’s how I would do it I think.


Well basically i set up a montage at the end of the first event that u see above.

On the PlayerBlueprint i set If input is pressed then set a variable called IsDiveRoll.

I assumed because the first montage was triggered by the cast to my player section, i could do the same. But unfortunately not.
Tomorrow i will start going through all the blueprint videos from the beginning again.

Hoping i pick up what im missing.
Right now its still very greek to me triggering events.

All you are doing is setting a variable there, that isn’t an event. You would want to create a custom event that does what you want to do when rolling is pressed. Then when rolling is pressed call that custom event that you created.

Thx Darkhorror. Got it working. Well to a degree. I can play the animation but i will have to research how to rather play the montage