Triggering an action inside another blueprint

hi folks,

im ue4 newbie desperately trying to get some stuff working and could need some help on this…

this is telling my ai to move towards me, right after the level starts. so far this is working fine.

**what i want, is to have this executed NOT direct at level begin. i want to use a trigger to do that.
i have already added a triggervolume to the level, and i can see its fireing when overlapping. problem is i dont know how to link the trigger to execute the action in the aicontroller blueprint (screenshot).

best regards

You could create a Custom Event node in your AI blueprint, which you can then activate with your trigger by referencing it from a Cast To (name of blueprint) node.

hi, thanks for your answer, theres still some problem on my end tho

can you please take a look into these screens

the trigger is fireing, but the “cast to” seems not okay.
the function in the other blueprint does not get activated by the trigger and i cant figure it out

best regards