Triggering a specific level sequence from a specific instance of a actor

I have a bunch of actors of the same type that are practically speaking just buttons, and a bunch of “level sequences”. What I need is to let a specific button trigger a specific “level sequence” (you trigger button A, it animates door A, you trigger button B, a bunch of rocks fall down, ect).

With my understanding that “level sequences” can only exist in the context of a level, my initial thought was to use a enum with a list of all the “level sequences”, and assign one to each button inside the level “Event Begin/Play”. From there I would have pushing a button would pass its enum into a event dispatcher, and have a listener in the level, which would then switch on enum to trigger the correct “level sequence”.
Beyond the fact that I cant seem to figure out how to trigger a listener from within a actor, best I can tell listeners cannot take values like normal events so I am at a bit of a loss how to solve this problem.

If anyone has a solution to this problem I would greatly appreciate it.

I think you can create level sequences in the content browser via the right click menu. Then you could add a level sequence property to your button actor class. Then in your blueprint event, get the sequence player and play the sequence.

Thank you for your answer, that got me on the correct track.
Apparently there is a bug in my project which means I am missing the “play (sequence player)” in the browser, so I thought doing as you described was impossible. Knowing that it was possible I was able to find the bug.