Triggered sequence is already played when level is loaded

I have setup a box trigger to play a sequence, just like the tut in the docs. But when i load the level and play it is already at the end of the sequence. If i then double click on the sequence and drag the playback to frame 0 (the begining), re load and play it all works.

Infact even if it is played through already on play and move to the box trigger, it then plays through (looping is checked off) fine.
In the level blueprint if i assign it to run on the event begin play node, it works as it should.

any ideas?

You’ve probably checked this, but is AutoPlay checked on?

Nope, checked off. Its not playing on load as such, its at its end point like its already played. Should the trigger setup go into the level blueprint, or a seperate one?

thanks for the help.

It should be fine in the level blueprint. Maybe try setting the playback position to 0 to restart it. But that’s likely not the problem.

Here’s my setup:

What nodes would i use to set playback to frame zero? If i could pipe that into event beginplay it could work.


So figured it out, see link. works as i expected now, thanks for your help.


Doesn’t work. Reloaded the project and its back to being already played. It was working because i had the sequence open.


Right, after trying to add a SetPlaybackPosition node, i’ve discovered it wont work with a level sequence, looks like it wants a movie sequence. Could that be an issue?