Triggered destruction based on player interaction and trigger volume.

Thought of an interesting idea that would be a fun challenge to try and (is possible) create using destructible meshes and a (trigger?) volume.

The idea goes like this. You have a 2 (or more) story building. Each floor has multiple pillars (or columns) supporting certain sections or areas of the floor above it. When the player causes enough damage to the supporting pillar, the floor above it collapses. However, only a certain section of the floor above crumbles, and not the entire floor (unless the player shoots all the supporting pillars of course).

My best guess of how to accomplish this would be by using destruction meshes (either from a 3D modeling program or from the UE4 method), and some sort of a volume, maybe a trigger volume. However, I am unsure how to go about creating this or possibly where to start.

I would like to try and replicate this idea using Blueprint 100% is possible.

If anyone else could she light on maybe how to go about doing this, that would be great!


Does anyone know how to do this?