TriggerBoxes don't work??

I’m trying to just play a 2d sound when my character enters the trigger volume, but nothing happens!

This here is just a picture of the trigger volume:

And this here is a picture of my level blueprint:

What am I doing wrong? :frowning:

Make sure the trigger volume is set to overlap with your player type?

Check the collision settings of the Player and the Trigger:

Make sure each one is set to “Overlap” the ObjectType of the other one.

So the trigger should overlap “Pawn” and the the Player should overlap that ObjectType of the
Trigger (could be WorldDynamic).

Also make sure both are set to “Generate Overlap Events”.

Remember this happens when 2 different collision are set to ignore/overlap/block each other:

Collision1 + Collision2 = Result

Ignore + Ignore/Overlap/Block = Ignore
Overlap + Overlap/Block = Overlap
Block + Block = Block

So as soon as one is set to ignore, the result is ignore etc.

Thank you guys, I fixed the problem :slight_smile: