Triggerbox-sequence plays from "current camera position" but won't activate when "start at default"

Exactly what the title says… whenever I play from “current camera position” (next to the triggerbox) the sequence launches off fine and dandy… however

when starting from the default player start and I go through a few other sequences (just fine) this one particular sequence will not be triggered for some reason.

it’s a sequence that involves a cameracomponent/cinecamerActor screenshot included of blueprint/sequence editor

As well, if i start from current camera position to activate the cinematic sequence it disables all other sequences in the level? sorry, i’m a beginner.

using version 4.24



As you can see in the left corner of your Cinematic sequence the values are red. That is an indication that the camera is not spawned. Check if you are spawning the Camera correctly and that it is in the scene. You can either let the level sequence do it or you can do it externally.