TriggerBox accepting different actor types?

I have a trigger box that responds to the player walking through it by opening a door. But i would also like the character to be able to place a chair in that area (a physics actor) and have it trigger. Ive been playing with the trigger box settings and nothing has worked. Is there a way to blueprint this out or am i missing a setting?

Its working with everything.
Can you show us your overlap code?

L4EXqk0.png ← the door BP ← trigger box BP

Looks good to me.
This could be BS, but i’ll say it anyway:
Is the chair a rigid body? This could mean the chair component is appart from the actual chair actor. And probably that’s the reason why it’s not triggering.

Where can i check if its a rigid body? Im very new to unreal, im still learning

If your mesh is a child component with physics enabled, this can happen:


But, like i’ve said, not sure if this is your problem.

Edit: Also, be sure that this is checked:

The problem was generate overlap events wasnt checked.Its fully working now. Thanks for the help!