Triggerable sounds for AI blueprint. Need help.

I’m trying to make a basic AI that will chase the player when he sees him and patrol around target points when he doesn’t. I have that part working so far.
I’m having trouble with adding sounds to the blueprint though. I want the AI to make a sound ONCE when he sees the player and chase, but so far it keeps looping the sound no matter where i try to link it in the blueprint. I’m assuming that happens because the OnSeePawn action keeps updating and the sound keeps playing over and over again.

I’m also trying to make a repeating sound play when the AI is chasing the player (like in Amnesia and SOMA) and fade in and out as the AI gets closer or farther away, but then the sound won’t stop playing when the AI stops chasing and returns to patrolling. For this i figured the easiest way would be to add the sound cue to the AI blueprint so it moves along with him, but that doesn’t seem to be the best option because it won’t stop playing once it starts. I have no idea what else to try. I’m probably missing something simple here, just can’t figure it out.

Here’s a screen of my chase blueprint. Can someone please tell me how am i suppose to link the sounds to the AI?