Trigger Volume Behaving Like A Solid Mesh

I’m currently using a Trigger Volume to test a death animation. In the Trigger’s setting I have unchecked Can Character Step Up On, however the trigger continues to act like a solid mesh. Whenever I jump into the air and land on the trigger volume, the death animation plays but the character either remains on top of the Trigger Volume or sinks to the middle and remains there. I’m currently using a custom double jump mechanic tie to the default Jump mechanic in the character BP. I doubt that is what is causing the problem, but I’m curious to read from some of you. Has any encountered a similar problem? What do you suppose is causing this to happen? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Below is a screen capture of the Trigger Volume’s setting and the Level Blueprint used to fire when the character overlaps with the volume.



You are disabling the player movement as soon as you touch the trigger volume so it’s going to force him to stop as if he is hitting into something. Try just setting a button key to trigger your isDead state which i assume fires a branch on your ontick event (personally I would create a custom function for this instead) and get that to trigger your animation.

Hmm, that is interesting - I was thinking disabling the movement will only prevent the character from accepting incoming inputs but won’t affect the gravity’s force on the character. Anyways, regarding setting a separate input to trigger the death animation. I did try that at first but couldn’t get it to work - After googling around all I could find were posts about using trigger volumes.