Trigger turning on light

I have a trigger volume, and I want it so when the player enters it, a light turns off. The problem I have is that the node “toggle visibility” wants scene component as the parameter. I can’t figure out how to get a reference to the point light in the trigger volume’s blueprint. If I right click in the blueprint node area, even with context sensitive checked, it does not provide an option for the light. If I open the level blueprint, it does give me an option to create a reference to the light (but I don’t want to do this with the level blueprint, as there could be hundreds of these and I am doing level streaming).

So I thought… make a public variable of type scene component and drop the light into it. Well… it doesn’t seem like it will let me do it that way either. Any ideas?

Hello, I just made a video and it is uploading for you. Here is the link. Give it some time to upload, like 2 hours right now. I am in Sicily, italy and the network runs slow at this time of day. Anyway, the video covers how to set up a blueprint that acts like a trigger box but allows you to quickly add any light in your level into it and choose whether you want to turn it on and off.

The only thing I would change is…you know what…I am going to add another video to make it just a little better. I’ll post the link when it is done.

Hey thanks, this helped a lot! Fun idea having a series/playlist of videos about answering forum questions too ha!

this guy is my heroe! so much love for you bro!!!

Could you make a video explaining how to make a BP or a Matinee for the animation on the door like in this video?

Watched many tutorials about it but did not make it work, so if you can make something for me i would really apreciate.

Would be something like when you open a door is not open automaticly and its more like you need to “hold” a key to open or close it…and you “grab” the door like in real life.


You spelled hero wrong…but thanks for the mad props! For that, you get an early Christmas present…event if you don’t celebrate it this two video series gift is in the spirit of the season. I know my voice may sound otherwise, but I enjoyed making this for you and learned some along the way as well.

This system was designed for that first person type of atmosphere that you would want in a horror game just like above. The system is pretty good and can be adapted easily…I think. It is not as basic as yo may have thought which is why it is two videos. is the link to the second video; still uploading and the link to the first isn’t available yet. Keep an eye out on my page for them (and subscribe) and I’ll up here as well when they are done uploading.

Merry Christmas!

i love you! hahaha

thanks! i will watch it now, and i need to tell you i subscribed to your channel already! i will come later and tell you about the video and hope that help me, i have been trying to acomplish that type of “open/close door” BP long time ago…and never could get it.

Merry christmas to you too!!!