Trigger+Timeline=Blueprint Copy problem

I want to make slide door blueprint to open/close door,but operate through character blueprint,so i can press button and door will open/close.
I made simple slide door blueprint Custom event->timeline->lerp(vector) with door open/closed vector->set relative location.Then trigger in slide door overlap it says to character blueprint that he is near door and it can be opened.Than by key press it cast to slide door blueprint and executes my custom event.
Everything works as expected,BUT than i put 2 slide door blueprints in scene-works only one.I can overlap second blueprint,but if i press key to open door,door opens only in first blueprint.

PS:if i do the same ,but with out keys and custom events,just on triggers it works fine.

some pics

The way you set it up, it will only call the “Door Open” of the first actor.

After “Get All Actors” use a foreach.

Thank you very much!