Trigger sound effect when switching level

Hi! I’m working on an oldschool survival horror type of game where each room is a level (opening a door triggers a short loading screen and takes me to the next room level). I’ve got a door opening sound effect that I’m trying to trigger as I press the action button to open the door but for some reason I can’t hear the sound at all.

Here’s what my blueprint looks like

I tried connecting the sound effect cue between the input button and the open level node but that didn’t work. I don’t know what else to try as it’s the only thing that seems possible inside that blueprint. :frowning:

EDIT - NVM I fixed it, all I had to do was to add a delay.

I think that happens, when you use open Level. If you load a Level with open Level, the engine itself get’s stuck, loading the Level and then continues. While loading, your Sound is cutted. You can use Server travel, or you can use Streaming Levels. If you use Server travel, then you have async loading. This means, you can use a UMG-Widget for a loading Screen with Animation.

Try it out.