Trigger SkelControls by Keypress or Controller Input

Hi there,

This might sound like a stupid question, but I am at a loss here. I have an animated skeletal object with a camera attached, which is moving along it’s course. Now I want to modify the rotation of some of it’s bones by keypress or controller stick input.

For example, the camera is attached to a bone and when I press a controllers thumbstick forward, I want the cameras root bone to “lean” forward. I get the concept of animating parts of this system, but I don’t know how to access my controls from an Animation Blueprint. None of my pre defined controls are available to select in the Animation Blueprint.

So I tried using a simple check if spacebar was pressed, but not even the print command is executed. (The rest I am using to rotate a propeller on the object, that part is working).

Oh, and I am not using a Character Controller in my scene, but only a Pawn (since I have no need for moving my character around)

Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

OK, I have figured it out for now.

Just in case someone struggles with this. I basically watched the Blueprint Third Person Tutorial on adding the Punch over on Youtube and it contained most of my solution.

Basically I’m now writing my controller value into a variable on my Character Blueprint. Then over in the animation Blueprint I cast to that Character Blueprint and pipe that value into a “local” variable which then in turn drives my bones rotation.


Here are the graphs: