Trigger sequence from blueprint actor


I’m new to BP and sequencer, I can’t figure it out why my animation don’t want to play.
It’s a door animation, where the door isn’t inside the blueprint class, it’s just on the level. I try to trigger the animation from a blueprint actor.

Here is a screenshot :

( If you don’t see the image, here is the link : )

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Can you just play the level sequence? Is the binding to LS_Door_main_Open in your level sequence (can you attach an image of your level sequence)?

I would think just doing this should work:


I did what you showed me but it still don’t work.

Here is the screenshot of my BP & the level sequence :


That seems ok. Any errors/warnings in the log file? What version are you on?

When you press Play/PIE, does the door_main3 line in sequencer turn red?

Here is my log file :
I’m on 4.17.1
When i press play i don’t see any line turn red.

Any ideas ? :frowning:

I recommend that you do the animation with bone in the program that you used to model, export the model as skeletal mesh, export the animation to unreal separately select the skeleton of your door, put the trigger on your door and use this bp, just remove the cast to golem
you should get something like that and “working” after some seconds the animation will finish and go back to normal position, i could not fix that
I think the level sequence only works on Level bp, that should be why the animation is not working

If you use level sequence I recommend that I only do this with Staticmesh and trigger, dont do a class / Bp for this, if you still want to use the level sequence, put the static mesh on the map and a trigger next to it and do as you did before , I saw in the image that you put keyframes on all axis and out of the timeline do not do that, put keyframe only on the axis that you used and where it is brighter, after you have done the animation goes on the blueprints button on the cinematics side, Open Level Blueprint, then select The trigger, right-click on the event graph of the level and add a trigger event> Collision> Begin Overlap, then select the sequence of the level, right-click on the event graph and create a reference for the sequence and add play For it and should work normally