Trigger OnactorBeginOverlap Multiple times

How can you use a triggers onActor begin overlap more than once?

id like to use some functionality using a series of triggers multiple times throughout my level is there a way to do this?

A simply copy and paste won’t allow this!?

What do you mean? Every time an overlap happens, it triggers. Unless you did something like DoOnce…

You can use a sequence node, attached to the overlap trigger, that can call as many events/functions as you want. You can get neat and tidy with it by having it call custom events/functions, or you can spaghetti everything to the various sequence pins.

Other than that, your question is pretty vague and I don’t know exactly what you’re asking.

Or have a custom event fire and check if still overlapping by using a get overlapping components node

Thanks for the replies, I need to use a multigate or switch node, thanks to ThompsonN13 for the kind suggestion!