Trigger on death of tamed dino

Hey all,

is there a nice way to realize a mechanism that gets triggered, when a tamed dino dies? I think the easiest and most efficient way would be to overrife Dino_Character_BP and include that mechanism there. But i want to avoid a TC.

The target is to add additional lifes to tamed Dinosraus, either by letting the player Revive the Dino after Death (e.g. for first 5 min after death) or by letting the player craft an item, which will revive the dino after death when worn and gets consumed then.

Any suggestions? Its the first time i try to make a mod, but i have some experience with the unreal engine!

Thanks a lot


no ideas? I mean it really should be possible shouldn’t it?

You have the event ‘On Death’, but to make this working, you have to put this piece of code in each of the Dino_Character_BP’s and that will take a long time. Maybe you can try Bind Event in the construction script, I havent done this before, but I think it can work.

Secondly I have tried to get dead dino’s back to live to, but no succes. I have tried adding health to the dino’s by coding. This work when they lived but after they died, it didn’t worked anymore. I think this is because there is a var called ‘IsDead’ which is causing this, but you cant changed this var.

If you manage to revive dino’s please let me know, I am also interested in this.