Trigger multiple events in a sequence at once.

Hello. I was trying to get two different events, both having delays in the middle of them, to be both triggered when my game starts. Many people were saying that the best way to do this is with a sequence. However, the events I want to be triggered when my game starts both have delays in them, which would cause there to be time in between each event. How should I solve this?

It sounds as if you have two events start, hit a delay, and then finish…is that correct? Are these events in the same blueprint? I am assuming due to the use of a sequence. Are the delays at the beginning of the events? If so, you could remove them in the events and put a delay before the sequence. That way, when the delay ends it fires both. If they are in the middle of your events you could break the 2 events up into three and a function. The original two events up to and including the delays and then the third event with the sequence to finish the first to events. The function would set a bool to check.

So breaking that down
Event 1 does A > delay > B
Event 2 does C > delay > D

Change to…

Function- CheckBool If bCheck == true > Event 3;
CheckBool If bCheck == false > set bCheck to True;

Event 1: A > delay > CheckBool;
Event 2: C > delay > CheckBool;
Event 3: B > D;

Hope this helps!?

I would probably use a DoN node to a Switch on Int, and have a delay after each event. The out pin from the delay would loop back into the **Enter **pin of the DoN node.

Not sure what the actual requirements are? This sounds like some race condition waiting to happen.
Bools / Gates may do the trick etc. But if this crosses over into other Blueprints, check out this thread.
Better to have the complete picture, rather than making assumptions about possible execution order…