Trigger/matine wont stop firing on it's own

I’m having troubles with my blueprint, i have several of the same kinda of blueprints set up like this. but this one is just bugged out.
I cannot tell if it’s my blueprint, or UE4 acting up.
I simply have a trigger ( A ) that plays a matinee, that’s fine.
But i have it set up so that trigger A only pops up when another trigger (B) uses a matinee to bring it into play.
But from some reason, trigger A, or my original matinee is firing no matter what trigger i hook it up to.

here’s a shot of it. again, im using this throughout my map with no troubles. this one is just bugged out…

Problem solved, i came back onto UE4 today, deleted and redid everything exactly as shown and it worked. don’t know why there was a hiccup to begin with but it’s fixed now.