Trigger Input Key Selector event manually

Goal: create a key re/mapping system.
So the idea I want to implement is: since I can’t change the name displayed on an InputKeySelector widget. I created a ***button ***with a text widget inside of it and I bind the content of this widget to the name of the selected key of the ***InputKeySelector ***in the construct event. This is working fine. However now when I click on my button I want to trigger the detection event of the ***InputKeySelector ***just like when I click directly on the InputKeySelector. I do this because I want to have custom name for my keys and not names from the engine input system. For instance I want to replace “Gamepad Left Thumbstick Y-Axis” by just “Left Thumbstick” and the way I found to do this is by using a button with a text widget.

My UMG looks like this: (The second Size Box is actually collapsed so it’s not displayed, this is just a first version, I’ll probably remove it afterwards and just create a variable with a type InputKeySelector)