Trigger event when actor (mesh) is fully inside collision box

Ok, I have a problem, On Begin Overlap triggers event when actor (mesh) starts to overlap Trigger Box, but I need it to check if actor (mesh) is fully inside box (overlapping), so as whole mesh, and then trigger event. Any way to to that?

you would need to set up in the tick even a boolean to act as a “gate”, so that the begin overlap, will enable the gate/boolean, and continue to check the trigger box, and check to see if the encompassing “box” of the actor is fully enclosed by the other box. Then you can also use End overlap, to disarm the boolean/gate so that all the checking stops, when the actor is totally outside the box. There are other things you can do of course, to reduce the overhead, but that is the general idea you will need.


Been a long time since I looked at this, as I got so irritated with things like this, I just started putting nodes into IwBpLib, to get what was needed.


It looks like, you will wish to use something along these lines.

BoxOverlapActors, should be able to give you all actors that are overlapping (even though you should already have that from the OverLap Begin, but if you do subsequent queries, this could be useful)

Now once you have the actor, use

Get Root Component (it will be a scene component coming back, but that’s fine).


Get Component Bounds, now this is where you get the “extents” in the 3 dimensions of the “box” enclosing the actor, and then can do the compares to see if one box, is enclosed by another.


Thanks man, i get the idea, but which node to use so i can check to see if the encompassing “box” of the actor is fully enclosed by the other box? That is what conserns me the most

Did you ever find a solution to this?