Trigger Event from End of Sound Cue

I am playing a sound-cue from an Actor Blueprint. In the Sound-Cue I have different sound waves of different length which are played at random. When the sound cue is completed, I want to trigger an event inside the Blueprint from which the sound cue was played. How can I identify that the sound cue is done inside a Blueprint? I can trigger it but the execution node will execute the next step as soon as the sound cue has started rather than when it has been completed. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help!

SoundCues don’t give us any handles or references to work with, but you can Assign On Audio Finished to the spawned Audio Component, and execute your thing on that event.
Note that if the SoundCue plays one sound at a time, this will fire an event after each one. if they’re played in a row (concatenator style) or with some overlap, the event will be fired only after all sounds are done.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Also, now on 4.26, you can assign On Play State Changed to the component the same way, and get more details.