Trigger event "Begin Play" of parent class

I just ran into a problem by relying on the event “Begin Play” in either the parent class and the child class.
The new “Begin Play” event kind of overrides the event of the parent class.
But it is performing some relevant actions like binding events and so on.

Is there a way to have both events executed.

You can edit the parent class to call a “childBeginPlay” event, and then use that in the child class. Otherwise you could just copy it over, but you’d have to do that every time you edit the relevant part of the parent.

If you’d like to execute both, you just need to add a call to the parent version as well. To do that, right-click on the node itself, select “Add call to parent function,” and hook it up wherever you’d like!


@Billy Bramer: Thank you! This solution was kind of obvious but very helpfull.

Why are things like this hidden in the context menu you normally never use instead off in the details tab XD

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