Trigger different animations at different locations.

I have skeletal mesh and has idle and wander animations.
I first want to trigger wander animation and then idle animation.
The problem is idle animation is at 0,0,0 and when the mesh is wandering around and I trigger the idle animation, the mesh suddenly jumps back to 0,0,0 to play idle animation.

How can I make it so that when I trigger the idle animation it plays at the last location of wandering animation?

In the same manner I also want to know why get actor location doesn’t work for skeletal meshes.
For instance you have a skeletal mesh doing a random walk animation, get actor location only gets the location at start position, it doesn’t update. What would be the correct way to store skeletal mesh’s location and print it on screen for instance?

It seems you guys are using root motion animations without the root motion enabled. You need to select your animations and set them to root motion. Also in anim_bp default tab (I think, I’m half asleep) you need to set root motion from all.