Trigger character animation from UMG

How can I trigger the character to play an animation from inside a umg menu?

The umg menu needs to he attached to the screen.
then you would have to get a reference to all actors and individualize the main character or the one you need the animation played on, then a cast to to make sure you are using that character, then triggering of a variable.

the rest would be handled in the anim BP like any other animation that you triggered a value for.

The cast to and spotting of the correct thing can be complicated but it is entirely unique to your project. You need to find the correct way/name/reference.

A workaround would be to trigger a custom function within the main level which can access more then the widget blueprint and produce the same cast to on that custom call. Same idea. Trigger a variable within the character, hook it up to an animation.

Hi, Have you got it? I have the same question.

Hi, Did you guys solve this? I would love to know as well. I have tried to use cast to but It didn’t work and I’m not sure how to fix it. My understanding is click button and it will drive variable in the UMG blueprint, then that variable will drive another variable in animation blueprint. please help.