Trigger Boxes Acting Strange

So below is a video of my problem.

I have the bone on the ground and the key on the shelf both have there own trigger boxes. Both can be picked up individually. However if you go from one trigger box to the next within 2-3 seconds it picks both items up instead of only the one trigger box your in.

Here is the video of my problem and screenshots of all the blueprints.

Key / Bone To Pickup

And here is the level blueprint bit:


Sounds like it’s working to me. I mean, you overlapped both boxes, so the character picked up both objects.

It should only pickup the object inside the trigger box I am in. Not both because I left one before entering the second.

Yup, but you did go in the other box, that’s why it’s picking up. It picks up when you go in the box - that’s how you programmed it.

My question is how do I make it only pickup when im in trigger box not when im out of it.

I think you need to re-think how you want it to work. You are in the box, both boxes.

You could make it so that in only picks up after you have been in the box for a certain amount of time, but that would be nuts. People would have walked off before it triggers.

How is it supposed to know you don’t want it to pick up?

You could also say something like “hey, if I just had a pick up, I can’t have another one for 2 seconds”. Something like that…

That would definitely work. How would I put that in? I am newer to all this so I am sorry.

No worries, I’m just saying you have to think what it’s gonna be like for the player. They might think there’s nothing to pick up in a certain place because of this.

Anyway. I think the timer is quite a nice idea. So the moment you know a pickup is actually going to happen ( the other side of the gate ), you start a timer in the character which counts down.

Other items wont trigger a pick up until that timer is back at zero.

Gimme 5, I’ll knock something together…

Ok, so put a bool PickupOK in the character and make it’s default True.

Then put this code in also:

Everything that does a pickup has to check with the player first:

and that starts the timer. I wont be ok again until the timer expires.

EDIT: Watch out, I just changed that first bit of code…

In your first image I created the boolean. But whats the My Timer?

Just right click on the pin on the SetTimerByEvent node and say ‘promote to variable’

It save having to figure out what kind of thing everything is…

My friend. You are amazing! This worked perfectly. Granted if someone knew where all the objects to pickup are (there is 9 of them) then it slows you down but it works. Like a charm! Thankyou so much!

Excellent! :slight_smile: