Trigger box working only when object is thrown inside

Hi all and thank you for your support.

What I’m trying to do is quite simple and almost works. I have a time machine where you put a sphere inside and you get teleported into an other level once the sphere collides with the trigger box inside the time machine.

I made a blueprint which triggers the teleportation on component begins overlap, but I manage to get teleported only when I throw the sphere inside the trigger box.

If I slowly place the sphere inside the event is not triggered.
Thought was “multi body overlap” but doesn’t work either if I thick the box or not.

Could you please help me on this?

is the event not triggered at all or does it just not cause the effect you want?

When you throw the ball it does not trigger right?

Can you scale the trigger box twice or 3 times the size and tell if trowing it in it works?

If I throw the sphere inside (so it collides just once), I get teleported. If I place the sphere inside the trigger box by holding it with the controller, nothing happens.

It works if I throw it. It doesn’t in all the other cases!

so the note is:
on component begin overlap(#trigger box name#)
at the “other actor” pin → cast to (#what every you want name#) → the event that should happen
I would love to add a picture but it does not work at the moment :frowning:

So the pic is a claymore that expodes when walking into it or shooting it :smiley:

Oh man, I had the same issue once, a cube just wouldn’t generate an overlap event when you’re holding it, but everything’s okay if you just throw it.

First of all I tried adding an invisible component to my cube that would generate overlap instead of the cube itself, and it worked, but that was just wrong.

The way I remember it, I made the cube not collide with the character when picked up, but I didit not with CollisionResponseToChannel, but some other way that prevented it from overlapping the trigger. When I did it right everything worked well

Does anything about your sphere changes when you pick it up?

This is a really good question though. I personally can’t imagine a case where it would behave differently depending on the speed of the overlapping actor (except for a case where it’s really small and fast and the event just happens between ticks and can’t be caught, but that’s obviously not the case).

What if you do something like this:

What will it show when you slowly put the sphere into the triggerbox?