Trigger box stops working

Hi, so my problem is that I have two trigger boxes inside a house, one on the first floor and the other on the second floor. The trigger box on the first floor functions correctly and when I’m on that floor, the camera actor changes, but when I get to the second floor the camera changes only on a specific area and then the camera changes to another camera ( the one that has the actor ).

Here is a photo of the blueprints.

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That’s probably because of the EndOverlap of the first floor trigger. It fires after the second floor BeginOverlap, so it blends to back character.

On both EndOverlaps, check if the character is still overlapping the other trigger, and if it does, don’t blend to character camera.

first, your trigger box reacts to anything that overlays it, second, why use “get all actors for the class”? Third, if you have a blue note under the cast, that cast will probably never work.

It might be a good idea to set the trigger so that only a particular object or your player character can trigger the event. To do so, make sure you have clicked on whatever actor you want to interact with the trigger, right-click on the BP and create a reference to the object. Once that node is made, click and drag from the circle on the right and type “=” so that you can set the object interacting with the trigger to be just that particular thing. Then put in a branch, attach the “=” Boolean as the condition and make “True” and “False” conditions as needed.

Otherwise, make a “Cast to (player character)” node, attach the “Object” on the left to the “Other actor” on the OverlapTrigger node, and connect like normal.

Keep in mind, this is just stuff I figured out. So, it may or may not work the way you want the program to.