Trigger Box spawning in a loop. How to get location of a specific Trigger Box?

Hey guys,
I created a trigger box blueprint class and I spawned several Trigger boxes on my map (via a loop and Spawn Actor). Now that I have only one blueprint class, I want to know exactly to which trigger box I’m talking because every Trigger Box has it’s own logic. How to find out which trigger box am I “talking to”? How can I get the location of a trigger box (that would be a possibility) or is there an even easier way to find out?


First thing that comes to mind: assign an integer “ID” to every TriggerBox on Spawn. You can now get the ID from every TriggerBox and know exactly which instance of the BP you are working with.

Hi Q-tro,
this is a good suggestion! I’ve already solved this problem yesterday but your suggestion sounds good! Sorry if I bothered your time!


Also you can pass these integers into an array and iterate through them using ForEachLoop node.