Trigger box randomly not enabling/disabling input.

Okay so I have run into a very strange issue; I made a very basic blueprint that moves an “elevator” when a button is pressed. This is my setup:

However, for some reason, whenever I add the elevator to the scene and test playing, the input is always enabled, making the elevator activate wherever I press “L” in the scene. Looking at the blueprint at gameplay, it seems to be always firing off input. I can however stop it from activating the elevator when the character is not in the collision box if I also let the “on component begin overlap” set a bool that decides if I’m in the collision box or not, and putting a branch after “L”.

The wierdest thing is that when I copied the BP code to a new blueprint, it worked exacly as it should. This is driving me nuts!

I think you have the blueprint input enabled by default: