Trigger Box or Event Hit?

I am wondering if it is possible to have Projectiles Interact with Trigger Box’s?

And i would like to know which would be easier to accomplish? i already have a Event Hit set up to when the Projectile Hits the target it destroys itself and gives me a point.
But i wanna add another target so when the Projectile hits that target it causes damage instead of giving me points. do i need to add more (Event Hits) or can i set this up using Trigger Box’s

If these two are different actors, you should use the “Cast to ~ActorName~” node, and if the cast is successful, you follow a different logic, if it Fails to cast, you follow the same logic as you were using.

Something like this:

This way you can still use the same Event Hit and try casting to different actors, each following different a logic.

Thanks man… i’ll give it a try