Trigger box on different pass?

Hello, I’m rather new to UE4 but I have fallen in love. I don’t know if this has been posted and answered before, but It was not a lack of searching its just to similar to the super common trigger box search and nothing of the sort came up for my specific question.

So an example would be to have a trigger box that activates a jump scare when you walk over it. Lets say its in a hall way. Would I be able to set it up that way and instead of activating when you first walk down the hall way but instead on the way back when you make the second collision? I’m not sure if i’m just doing it completely wrong, if someone else knows a better way of doing this I would love to know.



It is pretty straightfoward. I set it up in an actor blueprint, so you don’t need level blueprint dependency and can use it in every level of yours.

  1. Create a blueprint class of the type “Actor” (right click on an empty space in the content browser).

  2. Open the new blueprint you created and add a collision box or any other type of collision to your actor, so it looks like this:

  1. Select the collision box in your viewport and click on the button “On Component begin overlap”
  1. Go to the event graph tab and recreate this blueprint:
  1. Place the actor blueprint you created per drag and drop into the level.

(Optionally) I attached a zip file additionally, if you want the blueprint as a file to toy with it. Just go into your project’s unreal content folder and extract the folder there. It should be available in your project, when you start your project.

I hope I could help you out,


Oh man thanks! So I could even use that for a 3rd or 4th pass trigger box and so on by just linking “B” with another Flip/Flop?

I really appreciate the help man keep it one hunn’d!

Yeah, you can do that aswell. The good thing with flip flops is that they work just like light switches :).

And no problem. Glad I could help.