Trigger box interaction


I have trigger boxes set up to open doors. They work fine when in game play. But how do I get them to open when the creating a cinematic animation? Is this something that has be done in the sequencer some how? I need the triggers to activate when the camera enters the trigger box.


I know what you mean and I didn’t touch that yet, but I think it depends on how you set up the door to move.
For example: If you added a Timeline for the DoorMovement you could cast a “play” to the door. I guess the same @ Sequencer/Matinee
Basically you should try to recreate the “start” from the dooropening at some point.

I am actually trying to figure this one out myself. The regular “Play” node in Blueprint where you hook a reference to the Matinee you want to play and the
onactoroverlap node doesn’t work with Sequencer.
Please post if you guys figure this one out.
I also have a thread here: