Trigger box has collission when it should'nt

Has showed in the tutorial, change trigger to costum and set to ignore all but pawn in the collision response.

Hi all,
I have run into a little problem, I have a trigger box in my scene with collision set to trigger, but for some strange reason when I shoot, My ball bounces off the trigger box here is a picture Thanks in advance

Hey nexgencgi,

If you take a look at the Trigger Collision Presets, you’ll see that Projectile is set to Block by default. If you set this to Custom and then check Overlap or Ignore, the projectile won’t bounce off the volume.

Of course, the MyProjectile Blueprint you’re probably using (if you’re following the tutorial) is set to Destroy on Overlap, so the projectile will disappear when it crosses into the volume (if set to Overlap in the Collision Presets). If you want a different result on an overlap event, you’ll need to play around in the EventGraph.


Ben Halliday

Thank you Ben for the help that helped me a lot.