Trigger Box activates on a specific list of components?

I am attempting to have a Trigger Box spawn a class blueprint when a specific list of physics objects overlap it.

All I have managed so far is to spawn my class blueprint whenever any physics object overlaps the trigger box (including the third person controller).
I have managed to replicate this using the Level blueprint (referencing a trigger box placed in the level) and a separate blueprint of another Trigger Box. (screen shots of both BPs)

I don’t know which one is more effective for usability (levelBP/classBP) or where to go from where I am to begin listing specific components to activate the trigger box. I would like to be able to edit the list/create separate lists to spawn other class BPs based off of different combinations of physics objects.
(I’ve heard that arrays might be a solution)

I’m fairly new to blueprint and am trying to figure things out. I really would appreciate any help at all.

Hello ChrisOBrooks,

The best way I can think of to set this up would be to set up your own custom collision channels. If you do this, you can set up your list of physics actors to belong to that channel. You can then have the trigger box only overlap objects of that channel and ignore everything else.

You can set up these custom collision channels under Edit > Project Settings > Collision. You would be looking to use Object channels.

Hope this helps!

I started reading about collision channels because of your suggestion. An yes this looks to be the solution i’m looking for. I am still trying to understand how to properly include these object channels within my blueprint, but thank you I think you pointed me in the right direction.