Trigger base Switch from 2d to Third Person

Greetings first Excuse my English

i am part of a small group at my university in PR Atlantic college and we are working on a prototype i’am the game designer, por game is a 2D/perspective side scroll game and i came up with this idea by using a trigger/action Key to change from 2d to third person and then back to 2d,

Could you please explain your requirement further. I am a bit confused about Side-scroller/#rd person part. I mean, a side scroller is already in 3rd person is it not?

Do you want to toggle between side view and a regular over the shoulder 3rd person cam?

hello what i want to do is when the player touches a trigger using a action key for example up arrow the game switch from side scroller to third person and then the same process to switch back in side scroller