Trigger an object blueprint function in level blueprint not working

This is a repost from the answer hub, since nobody wanted to help.

m working on a small puzzle (hinoi tower) game in ue4. I’ve made three blueprints for each tower, which determine how many elements the towers have. Now, I need to have one blueprint where the three others can “meet up”, that is exchanging the picked value(smallest block from chosen tower). I have decided to use the Level Blueprint for that, and placed two functions (give and take) in all the tower blueprints. But somehow I can’t seem to “fire” the functions in the project blueprint (starting the function in the object blueprint works 100%). Here are the screens from the blueprints. Would be glad for help.

what I want to do with the function is to take the smallest element from it, and make the function return it in the tmp. As that goes the function will also replace the previous smallest value with 4 (which works as a empty space).

Try with cast to node, this new and simplified method of casting sometimes does not cast.
So make this thing old way.
Also it depends how you create that call even node, if you drag it from context menu (right click) they are not called sometimes.
And again cast to helps, do cast to, then as that blueprint drag out blue line and get that call event node instead.
There is a lot of such weird things all over blueprints that work if you create node in one way and refuse to work in other way.

PS. also binding events and interfaces, are cool to learn. But binding ruins all readability in blueprints, you never know where that event is bind to, with cast node you just see it right there.

Tried it, and I think I failed…or did it wrong. Heres the bp. No effect on the project what so ever. Also, when I compile it, the line does not go beyond the cast, if theres anything else applied to the object input, rather then the X

EDIT: All my variables are editable.