Trigger an Event Dispatcher on a Spawned Actor?

Hi, is there a way to trigger an Event Dispatcher on a Spawned Actor?
I have a actor blueprint class and it works fine when I place it manually into the scene but when I spawn it the Event Dispatcher seems to not work. Is there a way to fix this?

check this, it may solve your issue …

But, what exactly I want is:

step 1: Spawn numbers of actors and
give them an ID or Name Step 2 :
“BroadCast” an event with an ID or
Name Step 3: The Actor with that name
and ID, responds … … this is my
scenario , not sure how to do it …

I know in C++ you can get a World object or may use some Delegates to make this … but, how in Blueprint thou ?


1- Assume you have a Spawner blueprint class. This class make numbers of SpawnActors at runtime. Each Actor has a “Public Blueprint variable” named ID, which will assign to a number at “Spawn” time. Also, this class continuously generate random numbers on Tick and assign it to its public variable which is ID.
So in short, it Spawn couple of Actors with ID and has a random number generator on Tick event.

2- You need to add this class (spawner) to stage from editor. It should be there before running game.
3- In Actor class (which you re going to spawn), you need to use “Get All Actors of Class” on Tick and get your Spawner blueprint and put result in an array. It will be just one because you add just one spawner to stage. From that array simply get the first element and easy use public variable of your Spawner which is ID,.

you can use this in scenario like, if that random number match with the ID of you Actor, then you can play some functions thou.

In this approach you don’t need to use ANY event dispatcher.