Trigger an Array of Relative Location Changes in sequencial order


I need some help setting up a Blueprint Class that will allow me to animate a change in Relative Location on an actor within the Blueprint using a Timeline Node. However I would like the changes in location to be an array of variable position values (managed through an integer array) and executed one by one in a sequence using a Keyboard Pressed Trigger.

As an example if you apply this to an elevator:

  1. Press the F - Key and the elevator would animate a change in Z position to a new floor position (0)
  2. Press the F - Key again and the elevator moves to the next floor position (1)
  3. Press the F - Key again and the elevator again to the next floor position (2)
  4. Press the F - Key one last time and the elevator moves back to floor position (0) as the Integer array only contains 3 array elements and loop from there

Ultimately I will need the number of array elements to be variable, the values of those array elements to be variables that drive the Z position of the elevator changes, and one timeline node receiving the array values to cycle through the position changes.

Attached is my basic keyboard driven elevator location change with only one value which I think I can add the array to? Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me achieve this.