Trigger Actor Instances Blueprint Separately from Matinee Timeline

I’ve got a camera thats moving across a path. It’s animated by a MatineeActor in my scene. Along that path I have several blue print actors that have a single animation to unfold from their start form until the animation finishes and then remain static. I have about 30-40 of these I want to place along the area my camera is moving through and have them pop-up as I pass them.

I thought I would be able to have a Boole in my Actor Blueprint attached to a branch driven by an Event Tick. If it became true then it would progress once to play the contained animations. I was trying to trigger the toggling of the Bool from that same Matinee timeline, but I can’t figure out how to talk to each of of the instances of that actor whenever I need to.

Does anyone have any ideas? More importantly am I going about this the correct way?