Tried purchasing level with paypal but UE4 account now blocked

Hi I am trying to buy Procedural Landscape Ecosystem level on the Unreal Marketplace I am trying to buy with PayPal but I keep getting this error: Payment Refused by PayPal please use different funding source. And I tried a few times to buy in on the Unreal Program but that didnt work so I tried the website a few times and now it says that my account is blocked from making purchases. Will Unreal support please fix this.

Sorry to bump this but I have not received any response from Unreal Marketplace support its been a couple of days now and I havent heard anything so perhaps one of the Unreal forum mods can help me out I am asking to unblock my account and to fix the payment error I get when I try to buy from the Marketplace I am now under the impression that it will be a long time for this issue to be addressed considering how long I am waiting for a reply. I have contacted Epic Games Unreal support via email and twitter and still no reply. Can someone help me with this :frowning:

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Did you send email to ? This is the correct and only channel to address this issue. You need to identify yourself using the e-mail which is attached to your Epic account.

Hi yes that the email address I contacted infact I emailed them twice about this issue with my email address associated with my Unreal Marketplace account but still havent gotten a reply from them

Make sure to check if a response didnt go to the junk mail, it happens a lot with people.

I received an email from one of the Unreal Marketplace support staff about an hour ago they asked me for some details I replied to them within 2 minutes of receiving the email but they didnt reply to my response. I hope they can help me out with this.

Update: My account is now working I just purchased some content today Thanks:)

Good to hear, be safe!

Hello, i had the same problem and the following method solved it:

I simply deleted my payment method (paypal) on my epic games account and added it again afterwards.

Also i deleted my bank information on paypal and added it again (but this is not necessary i think, because the problem is on the epic games platform probably)

I know, the solution comes late, scince your message is from 2018, but maybe future people stumble across the same problem.

Have a great day!